Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pure NRG Fx - Playboy Energy Drinks

You all know the stories about companies like Mona Vie, Xango, Zrii and most recently Visalus. You have listened to them tell how each one broke records to get to a billion, how they were the fastest growing of all time. And we all know they have real products and are not simply a money game. Now there is Pure-NRG Fx.

The network marketing industry is not ready for what is about to take place. For the first time ever a major globally recognized brand has teamed up with a network marketing company on a global scale through 3 major industry sales channels. PLAYBOY Energy Drink and Pure NRG Fx have partnered up to deliver a great product with a globally recognized brand direct to consumers through network marketing, DRTV commercials (infomercials) and Mass Appeal Marketing.
Pure NRG Fx is poised to launch into this great industry and shatter all records that exist today for growth. Imagine being able to sell to friends, neighbors, at trade shows, gas stations, bars, restaurants; this is a true business to business model with a product that is hot and globally recognized. No more “let me think about it” or “what is it you are selling”.
This is your opportunity to be part of what may well be one of the fastest growing launches of all time simply by locking in your free spot now. Simply select your initial pre-order which will be billed on launch date then get ready for one of the most wild, exciting and extravagant launches of all times when the doors open (tentative initial launch date of May 14th). Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.
The industry is ready for a company with a real look, a real brand, a real global opportunity and above all, a REAL PRODUCT!

Much Success,
Joseph Montes
MLM Ninja
Empower Network
Free For Life

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