Monday, August 5, 2013

RevUp Daily


Our Product(s):

Our Product is access to a Technology Membership.  Their are multiple platforms to the Technology Membership with each platform there is only a one time access charge of $199.99 annually with NO monthly fees or charges.  The value of each platform will always be greater than the cost and will be designed to help advance your online business no matter what product or service you are marketing.  The objective is to roll-out a new platform two to three times a year so you are always on the cutting edge of the latest business building technologies.
The first platform roll-out is our Capture Page Technology (CPT).  The CPT will give subscribers their own generic capture page that they can use to promote any online opportunity.  You will be able to direct your capture page visitors to any site of your choice.  There is even an option to add a customized video portal, just copy and paste the link from you tube.  The CPT also will provide real time data management and auto-responder follow up system.  The auto-responder system consists of four already written email follow ups that are pre-scheduled for deliver over a 72 hour period.
The next platform that is planned to be introduced is our Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP).  The MMP will provide our subscribers with the opportunity to market and track their online business through mobile texting.   More details will be coming closer to the roll-out date sometime over the next twelve to sixteen weeks.
I look forward to all of Our success & building our Company with each of you!…..Welcome to “RevUpDaily, LLC.”

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