Friday, March 8, 2013

Will bHIP Global Be The Opportunity That Finally Sets You Free?

Looking for some legitimate information about bHIP Global?


In this review of bHIP Global, I plan to give a true, unbiased third party review so you can figure out if bHIP Global might be the opportunity that finally sets you financially free.

Do plenty of research about bHIP before you join. You are obviously doing the right thing today by going online and figuring out the pros and cons of joining bHIP Global. I would obviously recommend reading reviews from people who are in bHIP and having great success, as well as reviews from distributors who are having a hard time building their bHIP Global business. Also see what third party marketers are saying about the company and products.

About bHIP Global

bHIP GLobal was founded by Terry LaCore and their corporate headquarters is located in Melissa, Texas, USA, with additional facilities in St. Paul, Minnesota and Branson, Missouri. They are currently open for international business throughout over thirty countries.

On their official website it says they plan to continue on their global expansion over the coming months. Their mission statement is to deliver authentic, unique health and wellness products to a global audience.

bHIP Products Line

bHIP Global productsbHIP offers a wide variety of health and wellness products along with a skin care line as well. The bHIP skin care product line is called DNA Repair. The catalog includes day/night cream, as well as a cream for your eyes. They also offer a liquid and capsule supplement saying that their products can heal from the inside and out.

Their energy and fitness products for men and women are powdered substances available in boxes that include 30 packets. As far as health and wellness goes, they offer a line of multi-vitamins, a super fruit juice known as Patagonian Maqui. They also offer a weight management system called SuperFX. The SuperFX package includes meal replacement shakes, the bHIP Global multivitamins, and a supplement known as FIX.

Is bHIP the Way To Go In MLM?

As you can perfectly see, bHIP Global is a great opportunity if you are truly looking to achieve financial independence by building a home based business. The only struggle you might run into is finding targeted prospects who are already sold on the idea of starting a home business, specfically bHIP Global! There is also a certain way to position yourself as a trusted figure in the network marketing arena, so that people are hunting you down and BEGGING you to let them join your primary company! Pretty cool, huh?

If you think that information might help you climb to the top of the bHIP Global Compensation Plan, feel free to contact me at the phone number below, and I will gladly help you map out a strategy to get your bHIP Global business into rapid fire momentum with NO SIGN of slowing down!

I hope you have enjoyed this third party bHIP Global Review!

...and I hope to see YOU on the beaches of the world my friend.



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