Saturday, February 23, 2013

What is Rocket Cash Cycler?

I've been exposed to several things through the years that are supposed to be real money makers.

I've been exposed to several things through the years that are supposed to be real money makers.
The problem is...they rarely deliver.

I thought the same thing had recently happened when I was exposed to another 'opportunity' so, I did like the same as every 'self - involved' know-it-all would do, I dismissed it entirely...without looking at the fact that the program I was being shown was actually designed to help me build and grow my current business.

When I FINALLY figured that ears started burning from disappointment. How could I miss this one?
Well, in the meantime....the Company paid out over $300,000 in commissions in just 6 weeks once it launched!!!!


So, what is it? Why is it such a great thing?

Number 1- This Company has reduced the price on a piece of lead producing software that touches the last frontier of leads...Skype. (30 million users worldwide) from $25 a month- to a SINGLE lifetime fee of only....$315 (if you don't understand that one...well, no need to read any further)

Number 2- Once I pay this fee...I NEVER have to pay anything to the "Opportunity" Again!!!

Number 3- Appeal to the Masses...for everyone out there that really understands lead generation (or the lack there of) they just can't walk away from this one, it does it for you.

Number 4- Even if the people you find can't recruit beyond the averages out there...2.7 people a piece...this opportunity is probably custom built for them. ALL they need is two people and they are commission and bonus qualified.

Number 5 - Last but not least....this is a Hybrid 2x3/2x2 Matirx Cycler that is incredibly pays out like crazy.

Well...I hope that about sums it up for you. I will also tell you this, the gentleman that finally got my head turned...was the former VP of a division of the Largest Bank in America for ten years...and I figure if he says the numbers are THAT good...well....

I'm In...

I sure hope you don't sit on this one like I's nuts right now. TRULY NUTS!!!

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