Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MLM Help Team - Who Are They?

Your Time is Now...but you need to act.  
You need to believe that you deserve success
Are you with us? 
Do you believe? 
Good. Let's rock this thing!

Working with The MLM Help Team Will Change Your Life

When you partner with The MLM Help Team, you get a non-nonsense, no BS blueprint for achieving real success earning income online as well as building networks to support any of your businesses.

We've put together a 5 man marketing team like no other in existence.  Leading with value and over-delivering on our promises to clients and teammates alike, this group of seasoned online marketers and MLM professionals is here to help you achieve the success you deserve.

Ray Dietrich is a social media marketing MASTER.

We're talking JEDI master here, folks.  This So Cal BEAST we call "THE FORCE" has been responsible for turning offline leaders into huge online success stories for years, he knows what works and... more importantly what does not work online.
Bottom line - he executes and gets results.
Lead generation using Facebook?  Ray's your guy.
Developing a loyal following among several social media channels who are starving for your content?
You guessed it!  Let Ray show you the Way!

Kevin Sandridge Blogs and Drive Massive Traffic.  And He's Really, Really Good at It.

I've been blogging online for money since 2007, and I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Through traffic engine modifications, Google slaps and its various "animal attacks," the ups and down of both paid and  - my favorite... FREE Web Traffic, my sites continue to thrive and do very well.
I teach you what you need to know to get tons of blog traffic to your sites simply by sharing the value of your own special and unique life experiences!
YOU HAVE VALUE... Yes!  And you know what... it's freaking awesome .
My role in our partnership is to help you develop and cultivate your blogging "voice" so that readers who are DESPERATE for real, genuine people to connect with will be banging down your door to join you in whatever opportunities you care to market.

Joe Montes Rocks Facebook and Online Marketing  "Ninja Style" Keeping Leads Pouring In and Sales Funnels on Lock

We call Joe Montes "The Ninja" because he operates lead generation and cash producing systems with the deftness of a covert assassin  Whether via Facebook, Skype, or other well known... and some not so well known... sources, Joe understands exactly how to target the leads we need and get them opting in to our list.  Once he gets a target in his sights and begins to sort, classify and yes - DEQUALIFY leads, Joe connects with them and finds out exactly how it is we can help them succeed.
There frankly isn't a system for online lead generation and relationship building that Joe Montes hasn't either mastered or deemed unworthy of his Ninja efforts!

Billy Funk Finds, Connects With, and Forms Relationships With MLM Leaders Like No One We've Ever Seen...

What's more, Billy is hands down one of THE BEST presenters and "in person" deal closers out there.  Known on our team as the Extreme Network Marketer, Billy's passion for squeezing every last bit of fun, excitement, and joy out of life as possible is totally evident in his work.  With the impromptu on screen "with-it-ness" of a seasoned emcee or video professional, Billy makes the art of delivering compelling messages to groups and individuals look effortless.

Brent Albin (AKA DJ BRENT) is a Youtube and Video Marketing Phenom

Brent Albin rocks video marketing from start to finish.  Producing videos that catch your attention is only the beginning.  Brent then optimizes them, puts them through their SEO paces, and generates leads that convert.  I've personally seen Brent place no fewer than 200 reps in a single company simply through his video marketing skills.
We are truly fortunate to have Brent with us on The MLM Help Team!
No slick salesmanship... no "Gurus" hyping their program's use just so you'll sell them a few copies to your peeps.

We're just five dudes who are making things "click" online and want to help you do the same.

Oh, and have a freaking blast doing it!
When you come on board with us you get front row seating to everything we do that works.  That's right! We want you to succeed, so we provide you with VIP access to the methods we use day in and day out to consistently earn money online and build leads lists that generate recurring wealth.

We hide nothing!  You get to see and use it all!

Why Should I Partner with you guys?

We are leaders who build leaders...
Ray, Kevin, Joe, Billy, and Brent  are always looking for ways to lift up and promote the members of our various teams.

Now Is Your Time to Rock This!

For those like YOU who are ready to make your dreams of earning money online a reality  -  who are ready to let go of a job or lifestyle that feels more like a jail sentence than freedom... we give you 100 percent of our effort to make it happen.
You'll have to commit to doing several small, repeatable steps day by day.  Do this... and you will turn your "Why" - the dream you are aching to achieve...  into a reality.
Here's What You Receive as Part of Our All Star Team!
  • Access to each of The MLM Help Team members via phone, Skype, Facebook, and Video
  • A dedicated social media and online marketing team led by some of the most seasoned and proven marketing experts in direct sales today.
  • Easy to implement prospecting tips, training, and support direct from a founding company partner.
  • "Done for you" blog systems, capture pages, and lead generation tools that WORK.
So, what do you say?  Are you prepared to work part time to build a full time income?
Are you ready to break free of your J-O-B, throw away all of those no nonsense courses you have bought and join a REAL team of REAL people who are invested in YOUR success?

Great!  Let's Get Started!

Follow these steps to get on board with The MLM Help Team!

Step One
Get hooked in with and get access to our online lead generation, recruiting, and cash generation system by clicking here.

Step Two
Connect with us right now via Facebook:
Ray Dietrich on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dietrichray
Kevin Sandridge on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kevin.sandridge
Joe Montes on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NAPCharity
Brent Albin on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XOWiiMainSite

Much Success,
The MLM Help Team
Join Our Facebook Private Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/415204758560971

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