Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gamification and Mobile Engagement Are Coming

The Gamification and Mobile Engagement Event Horizon Is Coming  

You might not be able to feel it just yet, but there’s a swell rising through the ocean of mobile apps.  Saying it’s like nothing you’ve ever witnessed before may be an understatement… but it’s true.  We’re talking mobile, we’re talking apps, and we’re talking gamification.

How do we know this is going to be such an industry “earth shaker”?  

We’ve seen it.  And for 5 guys who eat, sleep, and breathe internet and mobile media to be left with our jaws hanging wide open.
That’s saying something.
To get the real impact of what we’re talking about… to really feel it…
Think about all the people you are connected with on: 
  • Facebook (now at 1.06 billion active users)
  • Twitter (now at 200 million active users)
  • LinkedIn (not at 200 million active users)
  • Instagram (now at 90 million active users)
Now think about how many people each of those people are connected with, and when you get that number fixed in your mind ask yourself one simple question:
How much money has any of the social media networks mentioned above deposited into your bank account in return for you driving massive daily traffic and putting millions of eyeballs on their pages?
If you’re anything like 99 percent of the users on most of these networks… the answer is zero.
What we have to share with you will change this forever.
Here’s your chance to learn about trends in MobileApps and Gamification. Each of these 3 industries are huge growth sectors that are sucking up hundreds of millions of dollars in Venture Capital. In the next 12 months, you can expect to hear of hundreds of new tech start ups, many more acquisitions and overnight billionaires who turn their ideas into global phenomenon.
Until now… none of the revenue from these industries has landed in you pocket.
We’re here to change that.
Put yourself in position to capitalize on these 3 emerging markets. Case studies of companies that show how apps actually go viral (it’s not what you think). Gamification sciences and how to engage your customers to love your brand and incentives your teams to be happier and more productive.

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